Safe/bank/coin storage

Thought it might be handy to have some sort of storage specifically for storing coin.

Just now I use a request basket, but, well, I get tired of typing all those 0s everytime I want to put some coin in…cough

Storage that has an ‘add coin’ and ‘remove coin’ button would be good.

Plenty of future implementations, link it to guild buffs, centralised shop controller, and so on.

But initially just something specifically for storing coin, where it’s easy to add or remove.

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Why would you want to store coin?

why would they make an item to store the most useless item in the game?

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When is in your inventory you just want to go buy stuff with it xD

Because if I have central storage its easier for each of my alts to access.

It may be useless to you, but that doesn’t mean it is useless to everyone.

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You have a point some form of centralized storage would be nice back when I needed to swap coin between alts I had to use request baskets now I just made my own guild for that purpose. But having a piggy bank if you will would be an easy place and remove feature. They would just have to add function to a prop and I’m sure they could do that after these massive updates hit the game.

Oh, then yes, I would like that too.

I use a guild for this too. All my alts are in it and all my beacons are aligned to it (to easily deposit the footfall). The alts can deposit from the guild menu whenever they want. So all my coin sources in the game go to this one place. For withdrawals, I made another alt who has the coin controller role and he just sits forever next to a guild book. I can log onto him to hand out coin without anyone having to leave wherever they already are.

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I don’t know, coin comes in pretty handy when I want to refill my request baskets or buy items to immediately start building rather than going farming first.

I use a banking alt. They manage all my purchases and expenses. Everyone else deposits into this request basket. It soon comes to the point that coin is useless if you don’t care about items or horde things. This feature is already available, It is just a request basket. The feature requested is a redundant process of the same thing.

A lot of this was added with empires, you just have to set it up.

It definitely beats request baskets.

A cute piggy bank shaped like a cuttle trunk awwww


I volunteer to dispose of all useless coins, free of charge. I’ll even come directly to you, no need to travel to me!

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Well considering you can make coin on alts just from levelling up…then buy a new alt with alt cubits…make more coin…and repeat.
This seems a very iffy thing, if you were able to legit swap coin between alts.
And if indeed that is a thing…it shouldn’t be :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I do it now, just a bit of round the houses involving request baskets, so it’s kinda no big deal really.

Just thought it would be a nice little addition.

After some of the replies, I’ve set up a guild now which works quite well for managing coin.

Can just send to and from guild coffers with relative ease.

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