Same Wood, but different colors at different players after build

if Heurazio builds the wood in his view is bright and for me it’s dark. in his view the baseColor = 0 & decalcolor = 1 but for me has the same block that he build baseColor = 1 & decalcolor = 0

when I build the wood is bright for me and in his view it is dark.

how can it be that the use with 2 persons the same timber, get 2 different colors.
we have 1 twisted timber block set and the other has degraded him and rebuild it by infinit mode, that we have the same wood.

if we restart the game we see both again the same, and the blocks are the same for both players

Dont Forget we have used all the time the same wood.

View of Heurazio:

View of Saint-X:

More Example:
View of Heurazio Top Block:

View of Saint-X Top Block:

View of Heurazio Bottom Block:

View of Saint-X Bottom Block:

View of Heurazio:

View of Saint-X:

System Information Saint-X
Windows 7
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
Driver Version: 347.88

System Information Heurazio
Windows 7
Nvidia Geforce GTX 570
Driver Version: 331.82


That’s very strange…I hope the devs can patch up this one

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I was experiencing this yesterday too!

Heurazio and me was a bit confused if we see that ^^

but it seems like the problem is only at wood

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We’ll need to investigate this. Guessing it’ll not be too hard to fix. Thanks for posting.

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