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Oh weird why’s it in the list then?

NOW we’re talkin!

The colours list do you mean?

You will find that every possible block is assigned a colour for every planet even if they do not exist on that planet. If gorilla pulled the block data from a regular T1 world it would also have a Mushroom colour assigned even though it cannot spawn there. (Maybe I’m wrong about this bit now that I see the shimmering orb and glowing lamella on the resource page, all blocks are assigned colours but maybe not all plants are)

Although interestingly if you look at the resources screen for the planet there is <0.01% shimmering orb and glowing lamella… so maybe 1 or 2 did spawn on this planet! Only way to find them would be with your atlas.

but if you look at the in game Knowledge menu and search for glow shrooms it will tell you they only spawn on T5 and above.

There’s like 10 measly blocks of ancient at 930N -870E


Thank you. I will check it out :slight_smile:

Np! Did you find it? Saw u on planet before I logged

oh yea… got myself 1x ss…:slight_smile:

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Reminds me of my forest :heart_eyes: @james can I move here please?! I’ll just stay there when it goes out of orbit and live a quiet life :laughing:


Freaking love this planet!! I’m ready to buy it!!!

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this place is grapple paradise!!!

lover’s tree

lil ancient stonehenge


Can we keep it?! I am so in love with this planet. The giant forests are my favorite part. The colors are so otherworldly but natural at the same time. Great Exo!!


Yep, it is a beautiful one. :heart_eyes: I’m really hoping that at some point we get a few new permanents - definitely a couple placid T1s and a T4 lush would be excellent - that have the features and forests of the exos of recent months, like this one and Repe. There have been a few that, had they been permanent, I’d have stuck down a lot of plots and made my project list much longer! :wink:


Man this one is gorgeous!! So sad I’m missing the gleam!! Can’t play right now :frowning:

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Found it too, thx for the coordinates!

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