Sanctum Decoration Competition - And your winner is


Hello all,

We saw some brilliant entries in the Sanctum Decoration competition, and after some intense deliberation, we’ve settled on a winner. Every entry we received was excellent, and there wasn’t a single one which wasn’t in pole position at some point, but ultimately, only one can be named as a favourite.

So, without further ado - presenting your Winner….


We loved Bunky’s entry, as it introduced a rather significant splash of colour to the sanctum, and really got us in the mood for the Gleambow event. We’ve embraced the inner rainbow, and so we’ve decided to make it the first thing you’ll see during the Gleambow Racing Event.

A massive thank you goes to all the entrants, with too many excellent attempts to name - this won’t be the last time we run a competition like this, so we hope you’ll all be back for another shot next time!






Congratulations Bunky8604




Yay! Im Honored! Thank you!!




that looks so cool =)


Thats really good! Grats @bunky8604


Congrats @bunky8604!! Looks really good!




Good job Bunky that must have taken a few hours. I actually started replacing blocks like you did and after 3/4 hours gave up on it :smiley:


Well done bunky !:ok_hand:


The sanctum looks amazing.
Logged in for a few mins before work to make some totems and got stuck checking the sanctum out for most of my available time lol
Well done @bunky8604


Yeah, lots of hours replacing the purple for white. Almost gave up but had a good friend (skeletor) push me through.


Congratulations @bunky8604, amazing sanctum, so colourful :rainbow:


Grats looks awesome :medal_military::medal_military::medal_military::star_struck:


Amazing job! Anyone else look underneath yet? :100:



Seems that I have to learn how to walk past sanctum with close my eyes.


Lol yep. Seen that after a friend told me.


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