Sand Castle Competition

It is time to announce a side project I have been working on. The title, really, says it all. I have set up an area on my planet to host a sandcastle competition.

The competition starts on November 5th and will continue through November and up to December 31. There are a few rules:

  1. Plots are 3x3 and you can go as high as 6 up or down.
  2. Castles must be made of any combination of sand, gravel, rock, or unrefined stone. Since it is a sandcastle, sand should be predominant.
    2.1 You may decorate the insides however you wish.
  3. I have made 24 spots available; you may start building on November 5th but you may claim your spot as soon as you choose. I have set up a guild book for this purpose.

3.1 Of those 24 spots I have plotted a few for those of you who do not wish to waste plots. I would like all the castles to remain on my planet. If you do not want to leave them, I understand but wish you would :smiley:
4. To claim your spot, you can either message me on discord (Naeah#3934) or message me here.
4.1 Hurry before all the good spots are gone!!

The Nixian Trust (TNT) has generously provided prizes.

Prizes are:
1st place: 1m coin and 1 basic world fuel
2nd place: 500k coin and 1 lesser world fuel
3rd place: 250k coin

@Tiggs has pulled the awesome card and volunteered to be our judge!!

Disclaimer: This is the first contest I am hosting so be gentle. Please also let me know if there is anything I have forgotten.

The contest is only accessible through Naecessities and TNT Megahub. You can find the Naecessities portal at TNT and GTG. It is conveniently located right on the beach!! Bring your mimosa’s and bikinis!!

I really hope to see you all there!!


Sign me up, please! I need to mine some sand anyway, so this will be good motivation.


Just go pick your spot and let me know which number. :smiley:

Sand castles woo


Down to 21 spots!! Lets do this!! You know you want to!!

Claimed spot next to host :+1:


heyyy i would like to try please :3—i can pick a spot tomorrow.


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Don’t forget to reserve your spots!! Building opens today!! Go go go!!


I love the theme out of step with the season, especially since in my country, the temperatures have been abnormally hot (historically) for October… I can’t wait to see the creations :slight_smile:


Are we able to use gleam?

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Um, I would say very minimally. But if you are going for the glow effect, then remember you can use anything on the inside.

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@Naeah can you save me a spot please?
Aka KREE Karl :heart:

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It is one that I already had beaconed.

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Are you online? I can’t build in the beacon :joy:

how many plots can you plot up. and are you able to plot down to and what color sand it got to be

Would you be able to plot 6 high please when you have a chance.

Any sand, and you can go a total of 6 up or down in any combination.

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I will go remove my beacon now.

Does it have to obey the Law of Physics


It does not. Lol.