Sasquatch Lottery SECOND Edition now on sale! 112 tokens left!

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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone, new editions of the Sasquatch Lottery, first one was a big success so I expanded!

How it works :
-Portal tokens are on sell in the Sasquatchville Store area

-Those tokens are on sale for 2000coins, each of them, once fed to a local portal, will get you to your prize

-There are 200+ different prize box, top prize is 200 rough oortstones, others prized are very varied, going from good forged weapons and tools to things of lower value (roughly 1/2 chance of breaking even)

  • Keep in mind you’ll need 51 oortshards to open the portal to your loot (1020 coins if purchased at the lottery stand)

-You also need portal Epic to be able to open the portal, I’ll be available to open portals for anyone who asks me :wink:

This Edition drained my ressources a bit, next one gonna be in a few weeks after closure of this one

you can have a peek at the prizes here

For those who never visited Sasquatchville, directions to get to us will be found in Invitation to Sasquatchville Shop & Slides


First edition is going well, there is less than 25 tickets available as of now.

Some people already had great and some not so great prizes from their draw.

Grand prize is still untouched!!


Whoop whoop! Was fun…thank you! :grin: Love my prizes!


Tokens for the events are all sold out!

Congratulation to @ReebanRuben for winning the top prize!

Thank you to everyone who participated to this first edition!

Second edition coming soon


Second edition is up as of now!!

Updated the op with some new informations, for those who dont scroll up,

216 prizes in this edition!

Grand prize is 200 rough oorts
All the other portals lead to a prize ranging from 10k to 100c worth of merchandise

A bit under 1/2 chance of winning more than the token + shard fee

Have fun!


I am here to start the support group for the unlucky tallow recipients. Let us cry together.


Only 165 tokens left in the lottery stand!

a few nice prizes got taken, forged tool, roadrunner feathers, hopper cores, forged bombs, a few weapons and lots of tallow

Grand prize is still untouched!


LOL!!! :rofl: Bought several in the last lottery…got some cooked yams for munchie time…but also received a really nice Forged Emerald Grapple and forged Explorers Fist…good stuff and a ton of fun.


This is a cool idea :blush:


thank you to everyone who participated so far!

only 112 lottery tokens left!!

Grand Prize has been won yesterday, so ive set a second 100 rough Oort new prize and hid the token amongst the others at the lottery stand.

mini contest, for the 5 next participants, ill cover the opening fee of 50 Oort shard!!