Schematic Block and deconstructing block

This was a reply but thought id give this its own post

Schematic block in short copy an area place the block elsewhere pay resources and get that structure back
Requires to be in beacon zone or near portal so here was the reply I wrote somewhere:

How about a block that copies a certain area like 16x16 with a max hight of 32 and lets you instaplace that structure elsewhere if you have the resources with you for them

This Could be used for small cabins/houses
As a rule maybe must be done within ??? blocks of a world portal you traveled through

This would allow you to set up a quick basic structure to operate from if you have the mats for it and would stop abuse of this item (instabuilding near mobs or bosses)

Also this could allow you to make multiple houses in different styles to quickly setup a small base
Make walls quickly 32 high 16 wide at best
Same for towers roads etc

I dont know if its even possible to create something like this but It would be certainly be usefull in building or rebuilding
and since it does cost you the resources required you will still need to work for it

Deconstruction Block

Reverse of the construction block
Can only be used in beacon zone/near portal
Deconstruct a certain area 16x16x32 32 being the height
Gives you all resources of the destructed/removed area

Would help you move fast if you also use the schematic block

The 2 of these together if its possible to implement would allow small movable stuff to be placed when you travel to new worlds being close to portals since I will assume most villages cities will be close/around such portals anyway

The 2 of these could also help to quickly build a settlement in a beaconed area allowing fast building of walls houses whatever is copied

I can’t agree with the desconstructor because that will be abused somehow I’m sure, but the other one could be interesting and obviously useful.

How can you not agree if it can only be build in your own beacon area or next to portals

This would make life much easier. I could see the deconstructor possibly still being abused on shared beacons - but I would still like it if it existed.

**easy fix though - make it only work for original beacon owner, not people added to it

That would be a fix yes

yes it would be easier that is the keyword, it would not just be easier. it would be pathetically easy.

they have talked about a blueprint block system where those could be placed, there have also been discussed being able to copy an amount of blocks into blueprint and then be able to place the blueprint down as blueprint blocks, that i think should be fine, but automatically placing and removing everything would be too much, even if you said you needed the material would be too easy.

Maybe that system would be fine in your own beacons, but only there, it would be too abused by griefers, and the point is that you should have 1 safe area not just place one whenever you feel like it.

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