Searching for build location

Looking for appropriate locations to build something along the lines of these two images (neither of which are my art work of course).

Please post screen shots and server/coords of suggested locations if you’re so inclined.



I’m on mobile so I can’t post any pictures sorry :confused:
But i think “ruccie” would be the perfect world for you! Check it out :smiley:

ps. If you need help feel free to message me :slight_smile:

I designed the world Vekil for similar builds (which I have never managed to get round to doing), see what you think?

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Ah yeah Vekil :slight_smile: Kinda forgot about that one :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe because I dont really like the new looks of the mountains :confused: missing the mossy bricks and brown rock :C

Yeah, the colour change REALLY changed it… It’s a shame because the brown was awesome.

How did you get your worlds hosted? Did you just ask the devs and they put it out on a server for you? Or was that the result of the WB contest?

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I just checked both of them. Great suggestions. I’m thinking Vekil offers a lot of possibility in the mountain formations.

Ruccie has great atmosphere but may be harder to achieve the type of structure I’m hoping to develop.

I’ll have to continue scouting as time allows.

Thanks for your suggestions, I am always open to more on these worlds or others.

It was around the time when Oort only had 5 or 6 worlds and they were adding more for the steam launch, and it just so happened that there was space for another Australian world.

BTW seeing your screenshots from the worldbuilder is making me crave it so bad! (Only 2 more weeks of uni stress… I can do this!)

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Yeah, you can do this! Uni is a bit more important and the WorldBuilder is only getting better!

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I dont know if this is what you are looking for but Kovah has some pretty epic mountains:

This is around ~[-1200,200,-100] but there is also a smaller mountain area next to the capital that is also worth visiting.


I like it. Lots of potential, if only I knew how to build lol I went to the approximate location and began clearing a space. Thanks for the recommendation.