Searching for shadow fuchsia concrete or paint

I’ll buy either one. If you have the concrete that is what I need. :slight_smile:

I’ve got shadow fuchsia pigments I can mix in spray cans. Any idea of how many spray cans you’ll need?

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Oh man awesome! Ok most likely about 100.

How much per 100? Depending if you have a lot I’ll take a lot more.

What exo is the ingredients from?

I’m not sure but I was given 24 spray cans of paint a while back.

25c per spray can. Atm I can make 250 + cans.

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Perfect. I’ll take them

Oh ok. I can see what I have when I get on tomorrow. We’ve kept most of our exo stuff. I’ll let you know what we have.

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250 will do. Thank you!

Ok Morey. I may need more for another build. Tomorrow I’ll better know.

Oki. I’m going to craft the cans and I’ll send a message when it’s ready


Ok. I’ll check what we have in our exo storage and let you know. Just stop stealing burnt beacons from me lmao

Sounds good.

It’s 2am so if I don’t respond I have fell asleep and I’ll get them when I wake up and you’re on so you don’t think I bailed lol. It’s 2am here.

Lol oki so it will be ready in 30 min. What do you think?

Oh great I’ll be up

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Where do you want to meet?

Do you know where HSE t6 portals network is?

Is it near illn hub?