Searching People for an Wallpaper!

Hey Guys,

I have Ideas for some Wallpapers and need People to realize it. I need you to help me build an Scenery and if we did that I need about let’s say, 25 People to stay at some points for the Picture. It would go with even 5 but it’s not that Amazing then.

So here are the Steps:
1. Find the best Place in the best World for that. (I have to do that one myself) [Done]

  • I’ve decidet to do it in “Nbor” -

2. Start Building.
Well I need your help guys, come to the scenery, look how it looks like and think what we could Build there! I need your Creativity cause mine is shitty as fu-ck :smiley:
The Coordinates are: 830, 80, -1230

3. Do an Wallpapaper of the Scenery with everyone in it.

Well, first of all I want to know who’s ready to help building? I’m not good at building Amazing things ^^ I would like to start Tomorrow (Thursday) with the Building. Gonna look for an good place today. If everything goes fast then we’ll be done till Friday and could make the Picture Friday Evening.

The Building/s should not be finnished cause in the Picture I want the People being spread around and on it to let it look like the Building/s is being Build right now.

If you’re Intrested just answer this Toppic, I’ll answer you guys then.
Oh and I think we’ll speak with each other over TeamSpeak if we’re going to make that Picture, cause its way easier to handle things in that way and it will be faster.

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Although you wanted to build something, I think the spawn of Cshrime would make an amazing picture if you had people lined up/organized in a cool way, watching the sunset or something.

@dwarvenname What do you mean by “Spawn of”? The Capital? Your first spawn location?

Ah, I’m not really used to calling it a capital, but yes, the capital. There’s this really big dojo place thing with really nice pagodas.

Well thats way too much of an Building. I’m there right now, the scenery should have an Ruin themed Style, it shall look like an Civilization is coming up, it’s beginning, like the Game itself.

The Feeling should be hopefull, bright, maybe a bit dark to tell people that the future will be brighter than the present times. I really like that Kind of feeling and I need an World that can represent that feeling. I’ll have to find that World even if it takes the whole day to find it ^^

Im in @Opulus, Can you msg me your skype so we ca set it up? Or the teamspeak server where we are going to do it.

The Steps ave been Updated, I did pick an place to Build and now I need your crativity!

You can go there by yourself first to think about what we can build there, and I’ll be there Today at
8 p.m. (GMT +1). We will discuss what we Build and what my Idea is this evening. If you dont ant to help building, you should still be in the Picture, as I said the best would be 20-25 People I guess we’ll take the Picture on Friday Evening around 8 p.m. (GMT +1)

More Information in the Toppic.

I’d love to help, but Oort just crashes with me :/.