Seasons in Oort Online

With the new texture update for leaves, I would like to suggest the existence of seasons in Oort. These seasons could correspond to the actual seasons taking place in the real world. Now obviously seasons are different around the world so what season it is in game would depend on the season where the region of the server is located. Or there is always the option of instead, seasons being on a shorter cycle, such as a 1 week or even 1 month period for each season. This could have interesting in game effects too, such as leaves turning and falling, surrounding the ground below the tree in a thin layer of vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. In winter snow could be a possible weather event, blanketing the landscape in a peaceful white, only for spring to come and melt away whatever snow there may be. Now, Im not going to go into any more detail about this because I’m assuming everyone here knows how seasons work.

Here’s a pretty picture:


Actually, a dynamic weather system over a biom specific system would be quite interesting and probably preferable. It’d add a new dynamic for working around problems freezing can cause or livestock/agriculture, etc.

I was thinking about weather’s effects on aggriculture. Perhaps certain crops would not grow well in a certain season, grow fine in another, and be bountiful In another. This could boost their value in the seasons which they are harder to come by which would also have an interesting economical impact as well.

I really do like this idea. Depending on the difficulty to do so, I think it would be super interesting if weather could do some major things to landscapes as well.

Since we know there are non-build areas that will exist, what if those areas could be impacted by heavy rains or snows. Maybe certain spots can be flooded during and after heavy rains. Then a drought comes and the area turns to a plains.

Seasons wouldnt bee too hard to pull off would they? Just some algorythm that shifts the lighting a couple times every week?