Seasons in Oort?

Would it be possible to have some kind of seasons system in oort? I think it would be quite fun l and interesting. Also would you be able to set a beacon to a specific season?
What if you could only get certain resources like ice,snow etc. from different seasons?
I would like to know wheather it would be possible and other people’s opinions on this.


I like the idea of different seasons,but I think it’d be more annoying than cool if you had to wait to get a resource you might need now.
Ex:It’s summer but I need ice.
Ex:Its winter but I need leaves.

Depends on the world, you could have a world with one biom or have many that would be the solution to your problem

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i like the idea of having to wait for the right season to get the proper materials it would be like trying to get watermelon in the winter, makes it a bit realistic. I mean it wouldn’t really be an inconvenience at all seeing as no two planets are ever the same so they should as well not be on a synchronized loop. You should be able to hop to another server/planet and get what you need there unless you want a specific color that only that server had. But i still think it would make the game better.

We have discussed this before, while im not personally against the idea of seaonsi do think it ruins the points of biomes, which is to have specific lands or areas of the world have specific properties, for example we have iceworlds now and grassworlds and lava worlds.

i see the system like One piece where every island have a dedicated season rather than island switching between seasons, it also changes things drastically i imagine, for example if it becomes summer on an ice world would all the iceblocks melt or maybe even turn into dirt?


I’d assume you could change how the seasons affect a world. I mean an ice world wouldn’t be an ice world if there were a summer like in texas^^

So on an ice world it might only change the severity of the blizzards or the occurences of them at all.

On a desert world it might change the flora for a short period of time. Because it only rains in spring.

It would also make rareties possible like a flower that only blooms and can be harvested in the middle of winter.

But all of this said. I don’t think its a 1.0 feature at all. But rather stuff for a seasons update in the future.

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as i said every planet would be different like Hoth never actually having a summer or Tatooine being hot all year round or how on the moon of endor it was temperate rain forest but with a tropical temperature like KuroKuma said as well it would open many doors to rare and legendary items aswell as to events specific to a planet and or season allowing for each planet to have its own individual year long (however long they make an in game year) ecosystem structure and yes i understand that this would most likely (if it ever gets to be in game be extremely lat in the development long after the full game is out

Well, if we can control weather on a per biome basis, it doesn’t seem too far fetched to do the same for seasons, too. (Makes world building even more complicated & time consuming though). Could be pretty cool!

I mean it would make the world builder less accessible but you could be even prouder after you made the perfect world (for you).
And we wouldn’t see too many new worlds because less people try it.
(I know we might also see more bad worlds because less people can build good worlds^^)

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Don’t Starve have biomasses and seasons so it might me done, although there is no possible form to know how the Seasons will be represented, for example, there are several worlds that have a very extreme weather or natural condition, like the volcanic one… or maybe an eternal winter… season on those planets could pass without being noticed, or be completely tide turner… going from a No white wind season to a total Snow Monsoon on a Winter planet… a volcanic planet could have a Storm season, just Storm not a single rain drop but thunders all day all night because of the windy season and the volcanic clouds, to a Everything is freezing around except the volcano’s mouth…
ATTE Jcyrano

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