Second season of permadeath

Hello Boundless community its time for the second season of my permadeath series this time im going to stream it if im am able. My internet is still not the greatest it was improved some but not much lol.

I plan on starting my stream today November 10th at around.

4pm - 430pm pst / 7pm - 730pm est

I will be starting in our city Stars Hollow United and will be sent off to see if he is able to survive to lv 35 to be allowed to come back to the city to live.

I will have the same rules as last time.

Must live as hermit

No help from anyone except the starting supplies he will be given.
Supplies are 50 cooked earthyams, a flashlight loot stick and nothing else

No buying anything must craft it

No portals only warps are allowed

No visiting settlements

Death results in being put to rest in my permadeath cemetery in our city.

I plan on showing the forge at the soonest i can make one and show that using the forge as soon as you can is good and that you dont need to fear the forge lol.

I hope to see you there for the fun
I almost forgot to add my link to my YouTube channel


Hiya … just curious … what level is your character?


He made a new character for it, it’s brand new right out of the factory.


Can we hunt you…? :flushed: lol.


Cheers, @Lancelotz !


All my permadeath character start at lv 1 and when they die once they are buried in my permadeath cemetery