Sell your items from Meteor Meet (first come first serve)


Trying to help people get there shops advertised along with selling items

They is advanced locks on each 3 shop stands, the only people to have access is myself and who ever is selling from them stands.

I can assure you nothing will be taken.
If anyone is interested in selling such items in Meteor Meet and it will be first come first serve. People are not allowed to sell from multiple stands so it’s a matter of pick one you would like to sell from and I’ll go down the list in order of comments.

Have a great day!


How about some brews from Noms 'n More, hmm?

And if no one wants the pie one… :wink:


That’s perfect :slight_smile: you’ll need to join the guild it’s all aligned to so I can give you access to the shop stands for the pies


I still want the Brew one! :blush:


Totally forgot we spoke about this yesterday :joy:
Yeah you have the brews, completely slipped my mind


Pies it is then…


So, you can only sell the one thing from your shop stand? ie: if I get the slingbow stand, I can only sell slings from that?


Thanks Jaycee!


That’s the spirit :ok_hand:t3:


Hey dude, this an awesome idea! I’d love the grapple stand if you dont have anyone for that yet?


The Golden fist would be interested in selling there