Selling 50k ancient essence 3c

I have 50k of essence up for grabs at 3c each.

20k is in a stand at my new shop on arie. From the main hub take a left (facing the ultima portal) past pains store and it’s right next door.

Literally 50m from the hub

19c marble and 20c machined iron also up for grabs


3c is a very good price. I hope you sell a lot !! You probably already know but those mint for 3.92c each in a fully powered Chrysominter. So, if you haven’t already sold everything by then, I’ll be sure to pick some up when I get home from work :wink:


Issue with the minter is the time it takes to do it lol, was also hoping that someone who may use it would buy too, but meh not that fussy if someone wants to mint it…I gave up after the first 100k of it



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At first, I thought you mistook my post for another but afterward, I understood that you must have bought them all :wink: Good for you !

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Yea I need a lot of it so for this price I cannot say no thank you

And thanks;)

More to be added in next 10mins


Is good deal

I leave the rest for others so @SWShredder enjoy if u are able to grab some

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There will be a load more added every evening for the next few days at least. Trying to get my hoarding under control and that involves getting my large fossil stash into one box…

18 extractors with 30/30 queues running as I post this :sweat_smile:

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