Selling advanced refinery coils

Have some I’m selling. You might say they look exactly like the DKMall Advanced Refinery Coils, but they are not. I can assure everyone that no dolphins were harmed in the making of these coils. Now I’m not saying that dolphins were harmed in the making of DK’s coils…but I’m not saying they weren’t either.

Anyways happy to hand trade, and will put a few in both Spicetopias.

Same price as DK for hand trade at 925 for these coils that are not 100% the exact same :laughing:


Just an update, and in no way because I’ve had too much coffee and am bored.

The new Spicetopia (DKMall rip off Advanced Refinery Coils) make you better looking.

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DK is a good guy and I have a certain respect for him, but as I’ve stated for years now, his relations with dolphins is an appalling travesty, which is why I, for one, will not support his sale of very well priced coils. :relaxed:


Who’s to say for sure really. Maybe the dolphins had it coming? :rofl:

I hear they have a bad habit of doing unspeakable things to divers in caves, so perhaps DK has decided to settle the score a bit.

I take it all back. Do not buy my coils. Buy DK’s and help fund the crusade against rampaging dolphins!


Aren’t dolphins whales?

Oh vast difference! One is a mammal that lives in the ocean with a blow hole and the other… Damn… Have they been the same thing this whole time?

Thank you everyone that has purchased coils. The Iconic Spicetopia has been re-stocked with 300 more!