Selling Gleambow Totems


Hi I’m selling some of these.

I could use a few coina nd having seen them in a stand for 2k, I’m offering them for 1k right now.

Come through the “Lantern Gardens” Portal at Ultima Raxxa.

Come through the “Infinity City” portal at the Hubbit Raxxa.

Come through the “Nightstar” portal at Portal Seekers Raxxa.

Come through the “Sunken Storage” portal at portal seekers Biitula and use the “up” portal to get to the hub.

I’ll be restocking them 10 - 20 at a time if they are selling out at this price.

Don’t be shy I’m not offended either if you want to post other locations, or pics of better prices. I might price match.


Quick! Someone! Put up a shopstand, price them for 5c, take picture!




I figure it would have cost about 50c to make one yesterday. In another thread someone told me they were trading around 1200 and I went to finata and see them for 2k!

At 5c though I’m buying :tada:

EDIT: 2 people reported 500c at gyosha. Not even checking shop stand is now 480c come on down!


Yup the shop next to mine in the mall sells them at 500. Store number 85. Don’t know the shop name tho.


I was thinking of listing them somewhere between 250c and 500c. they do take a fair number of things to make and shear game time to craft. So I will be happy to post mine on the higher end of that range to not help plummet the price of this holiday item.