Selling (pricing) rift gear and umbris


I’ve got some slingbows and grapples cooking, just a bulk of each at the moment.

I made an axe last night but I got it forged into a loot stick I’m picking up later. I’ve already seen 3 portal hubs being rebuilt with rift, and rough going 750 - 1000c.

Any offers for a slingbow, today? I’ll have grapples tomorrow, if someone wants to get them quick I could also sell these grapples.

Any offers that I just can’t refuse?


They remind me of cotton candy.


Not sure what others are planning but I’ll start at 12.5k each piece and I’m online now.

Clean tools unforged i currently have three grapples and three slingbows in inventory.

Too cheap? :laughing:

Can’t post again bit

Ok one last bump these are going to get used pretty soon.

These are bigger pics:

Shop stands are at 10 k right now but hey, make an offer. :tada:

LAst update: I sold someone a grapple and a bow for 8k. 4k each. I’ve got the other two bows in a shop stand here by the sunken storage biitula shopping hub portal (Named Sunken Storage) for 5k and i’m off to play with the grapples :slight_smile:


Il buy everything you have in about 40 mins
In game name Brucebanner


Thanks there were only two bows left let me know if you have grapples will pay 8k a piece


Oooh, Wish I could have seen that. I would have bought one haha. I want to try my hand at forging one of these bad boys


Yeah I floated these around all day and got no interest.

I have 10 grapples right now but they’re basically spoken for and 25 more refined rift that I’m deciding what to do with.

The coin would have to be pretty steep for me to part with more of this first batch.

I could make bows if they’re really selling for this price unforged.

Fully forged diamond/emerald can outperform these so for now they’re just sitting here looking pretty.

First attempts at rift forging!

Are you around?


Yeah sorry I was on a hunt for a while.

I did sell the grapples and the bows that I was trying to sell at a very low price. These others are spoken for.

I have 25 refined blink left. My expenses are covered I’m not eager to sell them. But to be fair I’m only saying that to give you the chance to dazzle me with a crazy offer…


OK to catch this up and in response to a question in the forging thread I’m updating my adventures here:

I floated some around super fast after the planets released and didn’t get much interest. I sold a few cheap pieces up front for 4 and 5 k per piece.

I’ve made:

1 rift axe
23 rift grapples
4 rift slingbows

I’ve sold:

1 rift axe (price/deal undisclosed it was forged and a spur of the moment offer from a friend.)
1 rift grapple 4k
1 rift slingbow 4k
2 rift slingbows 5k each
2 rift grapples 5k each (this friend also overpaid my asking price though)

Have fun shopping current shop stands I guess. I’m giving/trading away 8 grapples, got 4 on cheap offer for friends (2 already accepted), and the remaining 8 are for my own use.

As more people are reaching the market and prices are shaping up considerably higher than what I was passing them around for I have to admit I’d be willing to sell a set for 15k each.


There’s a couple of places selling slingbows at 10k. A place selling hammers at 12k. Which seems about right being as rift is sitting around 700-750 right now. So breaking down the cost of the mats used to make the tools it comes out to around 8500-9000 which still leaves refined rift in your inventory.


It’s good that a market is shaping up. I’mnot in a hurry to sell all my costs are well covered and this is for fun. I’d love to put them on all my alts but if it’s literally cheaper and better to get the forged gems ATM I’m not too bothered to use them up.

I’m trying to get 22 more rough umbris. I’ll trade the few rough blink and rift I have left, or I have some grapples …

I’ll straight offer 1k/piece to start if you don’t want to trade.