Selling rough rift & blink at Mark et Mark

Another 800 rough rift up for sale at Mark et Mark in New Ultima. (-1404N, -1274E Altitude 64 Eresho)

You can find it on a shop stand downstairs. The price is 575c each, and its been flying off the stand, so get it while you can. This is the last of it!


Excelente price :smirk::moneybag:

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Rift is all gone but just added another 1600 blink for 525 coin!! get it while I got it!!

Can’t seem to keep it on the shop stands very long these days!

you gonna sell umbris ?

Yes when its available to mine, I only have a small amount right now.

@illuminawtyness here are the directions

Blink is restocked at 1600 pieces and price is now 475 coin each.

Restocked shop stands with 600 Blink and 600 Umbris and new sale prices! You’ll need to get there quickly, it usually goes fast!! :wink:

What do lucient gems sell at now?

Sorry just getting a chance to respond.

My current prices are;

Umbris at 600c ea

Blink at 375 c ea

Rift at 575 c ea but currently sold out

Re-stocked the blink. Thank-you to my customers!! Will try my best to keep it stocked.

Update: Aug - 9th

Added another 600 Blink to the stand!! you folks are keeping me very busy!! lol… Thanks again.