Server country tags please


Pleeeease add a tag on each server that says what country a server is in. Please and thank you. I don’t ever want to set foot on another European server for the rest of my life. “UNPLAYABLE” every evening.


I am playing from Antarctica using carrier pigeon for modem.


Anybody have a copy of that planets/country of origin link?



I do not have idea about this, but want to know more.


So no more portal network using then huh?

Aqua’s main hub is on an EU server (Finata) and PS network sends you thru all the regions to get anywhere.

For the life of me I really, really do not get why PS thought it wise to have the access to T4+ worlds on Boori, an AUS server…

Which reminds me, to get to the T4+ planets with PS you need to get to Boori first, then to Circapous which is an EU server. With Aqua the main hub is on Finata and then you access the T5+ planets from Besevrona, an EU server…

You gonna have a difficult time :smiley:



So they don’t get accused of playing favourites, we all suffer equally.

Plus Aus have the least planets, let them have something.


Thanks! I’ll manage, probably just have to go where I’m going in the morning before the servers start foaming at the mouth. I still :heart: Ultima, but when the server is unplayable it is not useful to me. And bases, those are gonna have to go to servers I can use consistently as well.

Doesn’t matter if it’s “internet” or an actual Boundless problem. The end result is still that I can’t play.


I’ll still see the kids every other weekend, but want a divorce.


But it means that all non-AUS players need to visit Boori if they want to go to a T4+ world using the PS network and I don’t know how it performs for everyone else but for me, from the EU, the AUS servers perform the worst…


Yeah, some countries have p00p servers and unfortunately we have to use them.


What about us poor Aussie players… we get three planets which max out at tier 3. I’ve stopped using timed buffs when playing on non Australian servers since half of the buff is usually wasted on unplayable connection issues.

It’s not the servers that are no good in Australia - they work perfectly fine for locals, it’s the geographical distance and mediocre internet connections that bring it all unstuck.


Yeah each region needs to have equal opportunity, and players need the option to… stay and find what they need in their region. Man that makes me sound like some sort of intolerant redneck but the real problem is I can’t play on your servers and you can’t play enjoyably on mine unless it’s off-peak.


Thanks for the link, I was having a heck of a time remembering where I’d seen it. With that I don’t suppose country tags are necessary but would still be helpful. Is there a way in game to tell which country a planet is in?


Funny thing is tho that you are having issues at certain times with EU servers while I never ever have issues with US (either east or west coast) servers. Heck, even AUS servers do work but it always seems to need a little time to setle down or something. When I go to Boori and step out of the portal immediately “unplayable!” and high ping and stuff bounces a little. Then after a little bit I still have a high ping but not so much that it’s actually unplayable and everything appears smooth as it should be. Well, ok, the higher the ping the more often already broken blocks seem to re-appear but that doesn’t feel unplayable to me…

So yes, there is something else causing these issues and don’t think it has anything to do with the servers or the actual internet connections between them…


My colleagues and I actually calculated that it’s faster to send large sets of data using ballistic missiles (with warheads filled with SSD drives instead of nuclear payload) than through transatlantic cables. :joy: So i wouldn’t be surprised if in certain circumstances pigeons with sd cards attached to legs wouldn’t be faster than some other means :wink:


Playing form AUS also, I notice that at certain times things get “unplayable”. I too like going to Ultima, but the EU planets in particular seem to be a real struggle as of night time local, I’m not sure if its too many players on local internet or what. In the daytime seems mostly fine. My connection speeds average roughly 20mb down and 5mb up, with a ping of 13-15ms using speedtest, not world standard i Know but shouldnt be an issue. On Besevrona in particular, I spend more time waiting for the unplayable message to disappear than I do playing at these times.
+1 for AUS higher tier planets please, or maybe even Asian located servers…


Yeah Australia doesn’t even have much option to play local.


a bit of a late reply but a good chunk of the portal setup was made due to how unstable the servers where we had to move around alot of the portals due to some servers being almost always full or crashing and being down for a day at a time (serp)

so i believe it was rigged to have the high tier worlds that people are going to want to go to alot pass tho a low traffic area so you would not get stuck in the portal network if something happens


I like the PS network and don’t have any problems navigating it. I prefer PS because it has a lot of portals to local shops in each hub and I often browse & shop when I go through. No connection issues is a big bonus too.

Some of the Aqua hubs beyond T5 are really odd imo, but I don’t have any problems finding my way through that network either, just connection issues.