Server Eisa: strange lag

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing, in the last 2/3 hours, something like a strange lag, i have verified my connection - and it’s ok - and lowered the video option.
I would just call it “Server Lag”.
But this is what happen: I am tryng to finish the gleam dome in my beacon area, but every few seconds, and for several minutes, the blocks disappear after the placement, or blocks modified with the chisel goes back to original shape… so i have a window of time of nearly 30 seconds before it stop working properly and for 1-4 minutes is impossible to do anything - apart from going around. When things return to normality, some of the blocks placed reappear (but not as you tought you have placed them cause it takes in consideration also the disappeared block) and, only sometimes, it takes you back to the original position you were when the “lag” started. I’ve also tried restarting the game but nothing change.

I already love this game, thx guys ^^

same happened to me, I thougt it was my connection or just my pc^^

We are looking into this. Sorry. Can you guys tell us where you are accessing the server from. I assume you both are using Windows? How often does this happen? Does it happen after playing the game after a while? Thanks

By accessing you mean the country? Switzerland^^
Yes Windows 7
I’m not playing that much but it happens everytime I play for a longer period of time.
I’m not sure if it’s because I play longer or I’m just more likely to come across the “bug”.

My frames drop sometimes too. I’m not sure if that’s related tough.

Thanks @KuroKuma for the info. When you say a longer period of time, is that like 30 minutes or more? Just trying to see how we can recreate this issue.


Difficult to say^^ Since the game makes me forget the time (hidden compliment^^). I’d say it starts about 0.5-1.5h into playing the game.
Maybe Tarahyumaro has an more exact time window.

I’ll watch out for it from now on and report back if the issue isn’t sorted out until then.

Thanks. Useful information. We will try that.

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I’m connecting from Rome (Italy) on a Windows7, it was giving me the problem just always (restarting the game or rebooting the pc didn’t changed anything :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it’s the first time…
By the way now it works fine!