Server Issue

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I live in the Middle East, and the nearest server to me after lots of research and trials, was around 250-350 ping. It gets a bit annoying when I have to place a block 2 or 3 times for it to stay there. Any plans in making faster servers or maybe hooking up a server in Dubai or Egypt or anything like that?

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Videos for the game will be coming soon… :slight_smile:

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We current use servers from Amazon Web Services, and unfortunately they don’t have any instances available in the Middle East.
The geographically closest Oort servers for you are in the “EU Central” group (which is based in Frankfurt, Germany). Or a little bit further away is “EU West” (based in Ireland).


closest servers are EU central, is there any chance closest servers could be established…?

There are currently no plans to add any more new server regions - but certainly if there is enough demand we could setup servers anywhere.
One thing you could look into is that different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can have better/worse pings to other locations - are you using the best local ISP for pings to Europe?


When I checked and did my research, I am. Lowest ping I seem to get is 230…

When I play other games that require playing on European servers, I get a minimum of 110 ping. But that is usually EU East, which I can’t find any of them in game.

While the topic is already here, I also wanted to ask about servers for Asia for a long time but I thought developing the game is more important for now. I have the same problem (or even worse) with PharaohNai which leads for me to play only for few hours a week or even a month hoping that someday when the game is in better shape there will be server for us.

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True, I have freinds who want in, however they are standing back because they are worried about the ping haha.

We will add more server locations in the future - there have been requests for S. America, the Middle East, China, Russia, and other places in Asia.

We also have plans for making the servers more efficient.


That is great to hear! Oh and thank you thank you thank you for the beacon! I will be making YouTube videos for Oort online. Am I allowed to? And am I allowed to monetize them too?

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Yes and yes.

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