Server Lags

Hi everyone,

Don’t know if just I experience this, but it seems like the servers don’t have same quality (I can’t really well explain, so quality might not be the right word)…
If I read right in different posts by devs, that we are playing on amazon developer servers.
But it feels like the ones close to me are not the best ones for my latency…

I was scouting through the different worlds and experienced that the eu central server is worst to me! I live 20 kilometres away from frankfurt, where these servers are placed. I had latencys like 1000ms or 2000 ms partwise… unplayable!
And it’s not my network, because I’ve been on different servers to test it.

even in US East I had maximum 400ms or 600ms. Seems very weird.

Can you guys tell what is it depending on? Is there any server status at amazon, that we could check?

What are your experiences with your connections to different servers. Working like it should?