Server maintenance... Didn't get a warning


Weird how that suddenly stopped working for some people since a few patches ago…


they only warn the most trusted… :wink:


reason i get the notice a week ahead…



Nah, they warn the complainers most like :wink:

I’m easy going bwahahahahaha yeah, right :slight_smile:


I’m very pc…you ps4?


Hey, I don’t mind you’re politically correct but what does that have to do with anything?


And yeah, am on PS4, but I know from last time that others on PS4 did get the warning


back in (10 etc etc)


They can make it up to me if they post the following in News:
Testing 214: Farming, Water, Lava, Hunter, T7/T8 planets, new weapons, tools and much more!

And then release 215 early next week… ahhhhhh


I’m on ps4 and I got the normal countdown warning.