Server timers needed

No point to repeat myself here in a full post so *Devs only - NOT any other gamer who does not know what they are talking about eh :wink:

Just a head ups though. Sancturn warp doesn’t take away your coins if you don’t go through it, and seeing like it crashed, I don’t think it took your coins away.

i went through the warp and i dont want to be nubbed anymore so thats why i say devs only please

I’m not trying to nub you, as well as any other player here. Just answering part of the problem here, from our knowledge based on devs responses.

Devs are busy with the new update, and helping by answering questions takes a load off their work. That’s it.

Its is a missing feature at the moment, sorry for any inconvenience when they reboot

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also i was quoting a person on the dev team. i was literally taking something from a dev, and communicating it to you

The game is still in development. This will cause several inconvenient moments that as an early access player, you are expected to be patient with.

As for the “don’t nub me” thing, your rapidly crossing the line from being just passive aggressive and overly defensive to just being… something far worse that apparently the forum vulgarity filter does not block.


and the forum censors didn’t catch that one. interesting.

Inserting chill pill…