Setting a shop in DK mall

Looking to setup a shop in DK mall, first time posting here. Need to know who to contact about setting it up. In-game name, Azorua.


that would be @DKPuncherello

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Sry read this wrong hit up dk he will help u out

What is the best way to get into contact with @DKPuncherello ?
Is it here on the forums or in-game?

Best way @DKPuncherello :point_left::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::point_left: honestly though you just go plot a spot.


Here’s his discord name if you wanna ping him that way.


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There is a nice free spot on row A, A88/90 @Azorua

Hi @Azorua welcome!

I agree with Blitz, check out that spot in row A!

Also whoa new hair @BoundlessBlitz! Looks great!

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I know it might seem odd but you can literally find an open spot and just plop down a beacon. Basically, a mall owns the bones…the roads and such but the plots are owned by us. If you take a beacon in your hand and see a spot it’ll let you take, then go for it. Shop owners usually have sizes they want you to plot…like 3 plots by two plots or whatever. Then you can let him know the name of the store, so he can change the sign.


I did end up taking the spot @BoundlessBlitz suggested


I recently placed a beacon at the end of row G in the DK Mall but the road is not complete. @DKPuncherello can you please complete the road? Or is there another 2x3 plot available closer to the front of the store?

I have a couple of plots I reserved as there are 2-3 people just buying massive amounts of plots in DK Mall and a few other malls and not building or putting up shops (2 of them have 20+ empty plots). So I reserved some of those spots with a letter box on them so people could message me if they wanted the plot. No charge of course…

Let me know @PixieB45 and I can show you the few that I have.

honestly sov planets are the future of malls because you can force people off your planet.

malls on perm worlds are unless because we dont have the tools to allow people to rent sub plots from us or to force reclaims (on permanent worlds)

I would agree but a sovereign the size of a homeworld isnt cheap … and on top of that a few of these malls are already established I just like to help out where I can.

@Redlotus that would be amazing!!! My current plot, I have go through the neighboring shop to access. I will be online later today if you want meet up to show me what you have reserved. My in game character is Kendari

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@PixieB45 I ran into yesterday I was in the big blue brick shop yesterday and saw you building. I’m afk right by your shop I’ll look for you. :slight_smile:

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@DKPuncherello my shop is now finished and open for business. Located at F57/55 :grin:

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