Setting up a boundless resources website

Please post all helpful links here. If it is an external site please link it directly to save me time :blush:

Examples of the kinds of things I want:
Color resource websites
I think someone had a tool that showed what each block texture looks like in each color?
Sites that show stuff about exos
Useful tutorials (can be forum posts)


you mean sth like this? last updated a year ago and there might be newer sources available that are not listed here:


Not to yank my own chain, but I think the forging guide might be such an example of a useful resource

The guide itself also has a number of forging related useful links


planet ress. (not asked, but usefull…)


all colors all worlds (no exo)

Anyone have a link to the forge simulator? Also that crafting price calculator where you put ingredients and it tells you costs? Or the one where it tells you how much damage you’ll do or need to do for various tiers mining? I know you know a few of these @AeneaGames

Pfiffel has a nice menu when you click the “boundless tools” for all of this things.

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Nice ty
What other handy tools are out there? and boundless maps are gone right?

The guide is fantastic, one question though. Are you supposed to have draining 1 one every forge attempt? I ask because there been times I have followed the picture on what ingredients you need only to find I need draining 1 but it wasn’t listed. Not a big deal but I figured I would get clarification

Not really, Draining boon uses slightly more vigour because of the effect it applies, but mainly it comes down to if you prefer quirks or defects.

I generally prefer defects since most arn’t bad, which is why I don’t use draining very often. While the process will differ slightly with draining boon, you can basically interchange it.

@DKPuncherello Havn’t seen this posted yet, shows blinksecs between each planet

Block Drops:
Forge Traits:
Forge Traits 2:
Damage Calculator:
Color Entity database
Color Sheet:
Mini Color Sheet:
Portal helper:
Portal seekers website:

Those are the ones i usually have up most of the time.


I don’t usually self-advertise, but here goes…

Crafting: (including building XP, Chrysominting values, single, bulk and mass craft requirements, block, creature & meteorite drops).
Worlds: (including block colours, top 50 settlements and maps)
Portal / Warp Calculator:
Guild Glyph Creator:


I’d like to point out there is a gamepedia wiki that has pictures and recipes for pretty much everything, and it gets updated pretty quickly after each release. It used to be the offical game wiki, but I guess the devs lost interest after some personnel changes.

Perhaps some info on modding? Some people dont even know you can.

Some helpful mods in here:

Boundless Trade Network: Not sure if still up to date?

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