Setting Up A New Shop

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I am looking for advice on malls and shopping hubs. I would like to open up a new store but do not currently have the time IRL to research the vast boundless shopping selections to find a good location! If you are a mall/shopping hub owner comment below with how I can most easily find your area and I’ll come by ASAP!

This is the best community ever, thanks everyone for all the help and advice you give!!! :heart::ok_hand:


Well I’d say the gyosha mall or the footfall co-op. Not sure if there’s plots left in the co-op tho. But there’s plenty of room in the gyosha mall. There’s a lot of different ways to the gyosha mall. Finata has a portal in the main hub on the lower player portal floor. Moonies has a portal there but it’s labeled corruption since it goes to a shop in the mall. Dbx hub on sorissi has a way there or at least his shop does. Ps gyosha Ophin should have a portal. Legend has one too.


Gyosha Mall & New Leydon has best traffic for outlets.


shakes head

New Leyden Market not good enough for you now? :smiley:


You still have room?


Yeah, 9 big ones, 2 smaller. Tho 8 might be used for something else but can add about same amount at end I think…