Settlement roster scroll bar


I wish you would add a scroll bar to the settlement screen. its ■■■■ that you can only see the top 5 and your placement I should be able to see everyone and their rank inside the settlement especially as mayor. It would be great if you’d add that feature when you view settlement details you aren’t a part of too.


But then people would be able to find my secret volcano lair! Jk lol, kinda wonder why this isn’t a thing.


I’m ok with it only showing the top 5 settlements, but as for beacon prestige within a settlement, that would be a really good feature, even if only the warden can see it.


I could understand only showing the top five of settlements youre not apart of. but the one you are joined with why not show the full settlement roster… at the very least as you said for the warden. it would be a nice feature to know where you all stand and where youre lacking if capital city is your goal