Shadow and Shimmering Orb

The picture speaks for itself, in one run around besevrona I found 50 black shroom, 101 shadow orb and 7 shimmering orb.
Currently, the shadow orb seems a lil bit abundant and shimmering orb is scarce.
This should be vice versa, right?

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Put the shimmering orb in the bes atlas. You’ll get just as many. You just stumbled on a big ice patch where the shadow orbs are

I’ve tried but nothing seems to appear in my atlas when I put shimmering orb in it.
Maybe I didn’t explore enough regions?



Try Alnitans for shimmering

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I tried, but the atlas didn’t show anything, just like on the besevrona atlas. Found some here and there, but after 2 hours i only got 9.
Am i just unlucky?

You’re just unlucky 8). Keep exploring regions. When I get on tonight I can give you a token to some hot spots

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I gladly accept your offer, I’ve managed to explore 25 regions but nothing at all, no heatmaps no mushroom.

You can farm growth block to get shimmering orbs too


Growth block?

Yes, i am not at home i can`t post a picture you can find them on delta cancrete in mass

Any chance i can get some tokens too please? :smiley:

Ah, you mean mould?

No growth, mould gives vital orbs, sponge the green one, eventually corruption blocks will give shadow orbs


I found it!

For others looking:

Thank you so much for this very valuable tip!

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Do you put the Glowing Mushroom in the atlas? or the shimmering orb?

The shimmering orb, i can’t put the mushroom in it.

What biome does it like? ive been all over concrete :tired_face:

So much for my secret remaining secret :wink:

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