Shadow gleam wanted @ Technomancers at Gyosha mall

Technomancers has elemental fusion shards at rock bottom prices. Get them now to have on hand when it’s time to start pumping out those gleambow totems.
Now also selling a few golden fists forged with power grabber with goo getting in mind. More golden fist options to come.
Also selling cheep wayfarers totems forged spanners, loot sticks, healing and regen bombs, auto door, change chisele’s, and much more


I am now buying
black foliage for 500c ea
Shadow blue gleam for 500c ea
And shadow cerulean gleam for 600c ea

Also big restock coming next week


I uped the the buy price I am paying for shadow cerulean to 1000 ea. 50,000c in plinth

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2000c ea! It’s for art

Also restocked power grabbers
Lattice, change, and loot sticks all with light some with durability
Regen and healing bombs up later today