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Welcome to SHAMELESS. A curated, artisinal, shopping experience.

Enjoy an assortment of wares gathered and crafted from across the known worlds.

Wish to lighten your load? Sell to us with confidence.

Looking for something truly magnificent? Bismuth will take extra special care of you.

You can find us through the Rift Gate in Legendville.

Right off the main concourse in Gyosha Mall.

Or right above the Biitula portal at Portal Seekers on Grovidias Te.

Enjoy true luxury. You deserve it.


I didn’t know luxury meant food and tools on the ground… ha ha, just pulling your leg :smile:

Looks good, very clean layout. :grinning:


I’ve actually shopped here. I like how it’s reliably maintained compared to 99% of the shops out there.


I actually debated the stands being in the floor or not. It’s actually a false floor. From a side view it’s:
It’s so I can sink shop stands in so no one has to “hop” over them. I always found that annoying.