Shards Auras

This really sound like an awesome gameplay feature.
(ESO has done something similar with their “dark fissures”, that randomly spawn on the world and disapear once you have destroyed all creatures they have spawned)

Here my 5 cents:
What if the infected Oort shard is instead of being a free flowing block, as your picture suggests, a “totem-base” block on the ground-height+1 (basically standing on the ground). Whenever such an infected shard is generated it also gets 3 random blocks generated on its top, each adding another effect/aura to the “totem-base” block (like @TheBirne already suggested) .
Some additional examples:

  • Earth: Slows down the movement of all players
  • Rock: Increased hitpoints for all nearby hostile creatures
  • Wood: Life regeneration for all nearby hostile creatures
  • Different ore types: different status buffs for all nearby hostile creatures
  • Diamond/Crystal: Mesmerize peaceful creatures leading to →

This could look somewhat like this:

(Maybe not all that sinister to fit in the world^^)

As this picture suggests those “element-blocks” could (maybe) get another texture as long as they are placed on the “totem-base” block.

Some additional ideas that I´ve got while i wrote this:

  1. What if each “totem/infected shard” has a small aura radius where its effect is quite strong but also a significantly bigger radius with a weaker effect, that has a fair chance to affect several player (beacons). So players are encouraged to seek out and destroy those infected shards.
  2. The block thats directly on the “totem-base” could have the strongest effect/aura, while the block on the top of the “totem” has the weakest effect/aura. This would add even more diversity to the totems since not only the elements themselves would have an influence on the aura of the “totem” but also their order. (A even more complex system would be to have each slot having another specialization. The bottom block gives defense aura depending on the block type thats slotted on the bottom whilst the top block gives an offensive aura)

Definetly something like this,either in @Grey707 s or mine version. (or any other version the devs or community come up with) This is a really good idea and a great way to differ procedurally generated structures in Oort from that in other voxel games.