Share music while you build-explore

So guys I am back from a break of gaming 24/7 :wink:

I would like to invite you all in make your own favourite list of music you want to hear while building and share it with the rest :smiley:


:oort_start::oort_w::oort_e::oort_l::oort_c::oort_o::oort_m::oort_e::oort_space::oort_b::oort_a::oort_c::oort_k: <3

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Awesome! Didn’t even know this site existed. Thanks for starting it up :slight_smile:

Kinda clever tbh.

@Zouls putting on a 1 hour music mix kinda destroys the whole 1 song each thing.


And then it died…

Well the idea is good but there aren’t that many active player who want that…

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Yeah, sigh

I mean as soon as I want to play or as I don’t play anything else I will join you again^^

Well you could just join for a chat, im not playing oort atm either. im still in there

yes but mostly I’m skyping with others when I play something else^^ That’s why I said as soon as I don’t play anything else^^

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i am starting it up :smile:

All you folks play when I’m at work :frowning: oh well, I’ll get a day off eventually…

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Bah, my phone can’t get the captcha to work, so I can’t sign in from work either :frowning:

WAAA that sux!

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Ok, this site rocks!

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I am glad you all like it :heart_eyes:

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Depending on where you live we even play while you sleep^^

I’m going to stay out of this because at my advanced age, no one wants to listen to what I think is music–and vice versa.


Vice versa might well be but I like to listen to almost every genre^^ Maybe not every song of every genre but that’s another story^^