Share your Halloween screenshots here


So looking at the pics, is the glow about a 1 block range on each side


yea not alot of light


Black just gives off white light…almost like a grey sadly


Ah thanks. Ive never actually seen a black light that looks black so makes sense lol


Really kinda disappointed that the black doesn’t give of a blackish light but still cool


Oh I didnt know the skulls acted like torches… on walls… thx!

A scarecrow? maybe? =P


Yeah the one on the stairs was an experiment to see if you can walk over them normally and you can. Could line a whole staircase with em


i got to say. Thanks developpers and everybody else that made this event possible. i already liked boundless a lot from the day i started. unfortunatly i dont have a lot off time to play. i wish it was more but i am really psyched about gathering as much spooky seeds as possible and ofcourse i got a mask for 1 of my characters atleast ( i only have 2 and the other i use mostly for plots XD so no mask for that guy)

well everybody happy spook hunting! and stay boundless!



I crafted a few skulls, but was a little disappointed in the black. Here are some photos in order of black, oxide blue, and silk cherry.



Trick or Treat?!


Thanks for the skull lanterns! They are perfect for my little slide tower entrance :skull:


Thats in gellis capitol :wink:


Yep. My home sweet home. I also have R3D’s Store just below it. (Shameless plug) :wink:


some uber looking colors. 39 colors tested :slight_smile: those are bad ass :smiley:


Couple of pumpkins to cheer things up at Fable Mountain/Alder! :star_struck:


1 2 Riley’s coming for you :wink:

3 4 better lock the door :scream:


Super creepy, man! :grin:


A couple more shots