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planet mapped! atlas in EZPZ hub (portal area) 100c each

also @PrincessMaude I found a gravel spot, Isn’t too big though. tokens next to the atlas if you want to check it out though

25min stream (on my twitch DJDancecraft) lots of water, some deep holes leading to lava, some interesting gleam formations and some fun terrain. definitely a planet to check out.


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Anyone got a really good sed spot

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Its literally everywhere. I havent really seen a great pure sedi spot. I just dug down to Umbris level and mostly gathered whatever rock I could get and since there was a bonus of Umbris just made it worth it.

dang, all my original 9 atlas were sold out. ill make some more once i get the chance


I found the same results as @Redlotus…no real good spot. I went for the igneous and collected what sedi was near it. About a 8-1 ratio once I dropped the meta.

It isn’t pure sedi, but someone found this on the side of a mountain, nice area, noticed it was all hollowed out and lots of sedi, so regened it and saved the spot, put some tokens for it, growth, and a few blink mines in the DK Mall Exo Station.


Has someone a good Location for Wood ?

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I had one but didnt mark it. I assume you mean the white twisted. I know roughly where it is from my warp location I’ll see if I can find it again.

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Yes that would be great thx in advance

Only decent place so far is a collection of trees here… still looking for the place I found earlier.



Just added some Trees tokens to the stand. Decent clump with Twisted. :slight_smile: But sure enough my spots are getting bombed by meteors so may need to wait an hour, haha.

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all this talk of white & i just got mud… =p

-728 859 73 meta field.

242 934 20 white sedi cave…


Yea that mud flat was HUGE!!

That flat area of meta had petrolim too I left quite a bit there hopefully someone got it.


My favorite one


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