Shedu Tier or bloody tears?

I know there are other crazy color combo planets. But is it just me or does everyone else’s eyes bleed when walking around this planet? The planet name almost matches what it does to your eyes, shed some tears. R.I.P. my corneas! :rofl::rofl:

Yeah. I’ve noticed something screwy with the algorithm on some planets. Hopefully, our wonderful devs will play around with it further.

Edit: first time I went to lamblis, I was using dual screams in a dark room…I went through the portal and right back…it was like a flash bang of pink.

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Yea, I was lucky. The sun was blasting through my window the first day I ported to Lamblis. The sun glare killed most of that. Now the second time, I wore solar eclipse glasses.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

where are the pics?

Pics of what? My ripped out eye spherical organs? Lol filter won’t let me say eye “blanks” lol.

if censorship woudnt be that malicious id had a laugh… lived right next to this injustice system where half of the population was enlisted by the government to spy on the other half.

Shedu Tier is literally hell. I went there to mine some gems the other day and just kept running into lava and dying before throwing my hands up and going back to Besevrona to get my quota.

Of course that could’ve been my bad luck. I don’t actually mind the color scheme there.

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I like all the difference in planets though even if some hurts the eyes. What’s missing in my opinion is a planet with a dark color scheme like gray and black (can we have snow on it if it ever releases :stuck_out_tongue: ?) and i’m loving the weirdo terrain variety like on Cardass. You could go crazy with builds.