Shelf Blocks

I think it would be nice if we had shelf blocks. Essentially they’re a mix of walls and slabs, so half height and half depth. They can be used in almost every build from houses to taverns to stables.

Also the equivalent upright version as well would be nice to have.


Isn’t this just stairs?


Excuse my poor Photoshop attempt!!

This is what I mean for a shelf.

Edit: And then an upright version of that as well (don’t know what to call that one though)


Ahh, that would be pratical yes, but we are getting closer and closer at these 8th part block they didn’t want to do.

where did they say that? i know i discussed and said that 1/8th is as small as i would personally like to see it, dont think i ever saw the devs in that discussion xD

I was under the impression that that was for placing several blocks within one space. These will work the same way as existing blocks or maybe two like you can with slabs.

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Ah yeah you are right. I forgot about that.

well atm slabs can transform the block in which it is placed unto. so it is not like that is working too well atm xD

but yeah, im not sure how to handle it. if they can make it smaller.

again i think that having 1 /8th of a block should be the absolute smallest, but it would be pretty neat to have, for more details in builds. Its just always a very fine line, how small can you make them before the game loses its voxel feel.

I’d like to have 1/100th blocks but I know that’ll never happen :smiley:

  1. that would be odd as hell size

  2. no… that most likely wont happen xD

Sorry got my scales off. I meant 10x10x10cm.

that is 1/1000th part of a block.

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Thanks, I’ve just realised that I was working in 2D rather than 3D.

1/100th cube would be 4.64 cm which is as i said would be a weird size odd.

but yeah, i wouldnt mind 1/8th if they could be stacked, but they should not go smaller than that, landmark did it with ‘‘micro voxels’’ those things are freaking small xD

As a temporary option, you can place a stair block in between common wall blocks to make it look like a deep shelf, while still looking like a solid wall from the outside.
(I hope I described this right)


Lilem you are a god damn genius.





@Ardos This will look a bit weirder if you dont have the same shelf material as the wall, but it is a dang good solution for now. also if they add flipping it would basically make the shelf you asked in any angle.


Yeah this is exactly like I pictured it, thank you for taking your time to take some screenshots!

Thank you both for the explanation and pictures. Where I had in mind to have the shelves uses the standard blocks rather than walls due to other factors. However, I have added a recessed shelf and it does make quite a nice work around. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using trap-doors for shelves? They’re a bit thinner and stick out a full block, and if you place them against the wall backwards, the metal part of the frame looks really good. Granted, people can come and “open” them and ruin the look…


An excellent workaround @Lilem nice work.

@Havok40k Yeah, I was going to suggest that too…btw, hatch doors make fantastic sides of desks (two slabs+hatch doors on either side flipped up)

:grin: However, I’d still want (eventually) a shelf prop that can be used to store and displays items; like a chest with only 3 slots or whatever.