Shimmering Lamella Shop

Hello =) I started a shop yesterday, and got some portals to it thanks to my friends, Serenity and DK.
Im a gatherer and i sell surface resources at what i think are cheap prices.
On a screenshot you can see everything i have, so that i dont have to write anything down…

Shimmering orbs are 300c
Reactive lamella at 100c

Portals to my little place are at Ultima Aqua Hub in Finata under the big tree, and at Ultima Mall, the name is Shimmering Lamella =)
Please come pay me a visit! i resupply frequently, but people usually buy the whole stand at a time for some reason, so please forgive me if something you want isnt there, I probably am already working on it =)

P.S. Any price suggestions - im listening!

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