Shimmering orbs cheap



where can I find u?


Only portal I know to get there is trough little japan, you can get there via the alder hub(pretty sure) if not I have a portal to little japan in Sasquatchville on alder, you can get there via the ps hub on bitula


I sell to baskets still around 50c :thinking:


Sorry little japan portal is down ultima mall has a portal to me eldrid school of the gifted.


This will be my new price till the market goes lower will restock once a day each day I play which is almost every day.


That’s probably changing then :smiley:



Yea, Everything worth farming is being dumbed down and nerfed. Since they have Shims on lvl 1 planets now.

Its like they dont want anything to actually take time to gather.

Kills economy. :man_shrugging:


You tried getting them on a T1? Soooooooooooooo slow


You’re sold out now, when you gonna restock?


You guys are fast. Sometime today after I take my daughter to dance :dancer:t4:


Actually dzassak wasn’t the first low tier world to get shims. Antar or alder has them too can’t remember which one it is.


It may be slow but it lets people without the environmental protections to get to them at least. It helps the low lvl players out


just saw this… you are going to get a lot of customers at that price!! lol… I’ll take a couple smart stacks if you have the inventory.


Lol it’s more like just a easy cash flow for me I use the money for forge materials so I dnt have to farm them. I get about 600 orbs per shovel.


So it’s about a 14k profit after I buy the raw shovel and speed brews. I forge the tools myself so I save coins there. I encourage others to do the same the price for some things is a bit crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To break that down a little further that’s about 14k in 30-45 min. I might be willing to raise the price a little bit equal to what others are buying them for but I can’t see going over 45c for them.


No lol, Ill just stick to my T6 spots. Its just all the resources that some farm to gather coin, are getting buffed in #'s so the price is dropped to crazy low. Its a huge reason this games economy is garbage,


Actually the biggest reason is lack of income and equally important physical content. Think about it we all basically do the same 4 things. Farming is going to add some physical content which is great. But it’s no where near enough content. Once boundless gets a massive drop of content the games economy will flourish. And how can players add to this economy by selling and buying goods how can they do that without excess coin flow well they can’t thats why you see countless empty baskets.


Nice bait tho! Sell them, or have an empty shop stand, for 30c and then 24 hours long people keep checking, then run in, see that the orbs are there, the sign towards the entrance is non-existant, only on 2 other sides can you see it, then you buy them quickly and then notice the sign says ‘due to hi demand, 55c’.

So in my hurriedness I spent 25k more on them than I actually wanted to, sigh.
Have to say because you were there I also wanted to make a funny and say ‘still no shim orbs huh?’ which I actually did, :joy:

Anyway, learned my lesson, will from now on only buy thru my request baskets!