Shimmering orbs cheap


I was expecting a slow sale a few of y’all just ate them up. But price is going to 55c till Monday then back to 30 after that hopefully the inflation will give me time to stock some lol.


I actually did stock them today someone bought them. Didn’t change the price to 55c till about 1 min ago.


Well I bought them for 55c, lol, it’s ok, got some more coin!

Oh, and I pay 38c at the moment in my baskets you can always drop them off there :wink:


no the sign said 55 but the orbs price was still 30 still setting up the area need to put down a request basket


You sure? Lemme calculate …

Whoops I think you’re right, sjeesh some times I wonder who let’s me play this :smiley:


its all good i was watching gold rush while i was setting this up


Where are those baskets? I have 600 i want to sell that is the best purchasing price i have seen yet. I dont craft, purely a gatherer hunter and builder, i get a stack a day for income but not enough requests.


New Leyden Market on Gellis…