Shimmering orbs


Update 202:

  • Shimmering Orb amounts tripled for all recipes.


But srzly, since the sponge farm changes they have only gone up in price, any request to deal with supply has been ignored and most recipe changes going in the opposite direction. I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Update 202:

  • Shimmering Orb amounts tripled for all recipes.
  • Population of Glow Cap Fungus was halved, because we saw people have too much of glowing lamella in their inventories.

There, fixed that for ya :crazy_face:


I always farmy my request basket :stuck_out_tongue: sprinkle some fertilizing coins in there , go to bed and a fresh batch has grown overnight, magically!
Seriously though these guys are needed for everything. Some extra in the wild would be great.


We just need a few more lvl 5 and 6 planets to match up with our mid/end game population. Even if they tripled the spawn rate again, the worlds that spawn them are too small for the player base so they wouldn’t get spread out over a bunch of people farming. The person who gets to the locations after they respawn would just get more. To be honest I would just grab them all on my normal route and the next guy wouldn’t get any for at least four hours. Since you need them to make nearly everything, gotta save 'em up!


Is there a particular shroom that drops them? I looted a bunch of shrooms on Bes (i think on ice) that only dropped shadow, pulse


Yes, glowing blue mushroom, which i think is called “glowing mushroom” inventively.


Once u find a glowing lamella from a glowing mushroom, put that glowing lamella in your atlas. My atlas has been pretty accurate in helping me find the glowing mushrooms if I stand directly in the center of the blue dot. Spin around a few times, they can be hard to spot in grass, but shimmering orb has 100% drop chance from them. Some spots even spawn 2-3 in one spot.


Just a thought:

When people say that XYZ item drop should be nerfed or buffed more, it’s all anecdotal to their gameplay preferences. Eg; “Orb drops should be increased to help me and my crafting”. So you get these endless threads about people arguing over each others playstyles and that is obviously a very subjective matter.

It would help to discuss the big picture. For example, “Are orb drops okay relative to the entire universe and economy?” We have to think beyond ourselves and how all of this affects the entire community.


I just wrote it there up in topic :joy:


I did try and do that by highlighting e.g. how many recipes Shimmering Orbs are used in relative to apparent supply (obviously I don’t have data I just have what I see in-game) in another thread. Edit: no, this thread, you dolt.


Good reply.

I do often find myself wanting more shimmering orbs. They do feel weighted into pretty much everything I end up making a lot of the time. They’re also the hardest things I have to farm en masse. Like someone else said I’ve not sat down to figure out the numbers but from gut feeling it does feel like they could do with another source or two.


Yes you should look at relative drops as they relate to the economy and I am level 42 so very new… but when I can go to every shop in my regular hub for days on end and see almost every available item type for sale except for 1… there has to be an issue lol


Yeah, I find your posts are well reasoned and pretty objective. I appreciate reading your replies. And you’re right: Neither of us have access to internal data that the devs do, so we can only speculate. But I just want more of these posts to steer in the direction of how it affects the entire community rather than just focusing on our own gameplay preferences. My best attempt of an answer to the OP is;

I don’t think you need to nerf orb drops. But I know what happens if you buff it too much. You get too many forged items on the market that becomes too accessible to everyone. These become the new Iron hammers. Which then creates an excessive supply of everything which ultimately dilutes the gameplay.

So how much should you buff it? I have no clue.


I agree we need more worlds but with the nerfs they are doing people are leaving more and more so I don’t see them adding more.


Yep fair point well made. I think that with rift/darkmatter/blink/oort/whatever ?coming?, it would be better for player satisfaction to be more generous with access to forged boons on alloy/titanium/gems. Especially if e.g. end game items require powerful enough boons, specific ingredients from T8 worlds or other gates before you can add forging onto their improved base power. Forging feels more like late-game but that isn’t how I understood it to be intended.


I honestly think another solution would be to make silver and gold tools better. I really don’t notice a difference between them and iron. Silver - “oh wow look at that action speed” - oh wait they do less damage. So 2 shot a block slower than i can 1 shot one with a hammer, ok so never using that again. Gold has 50% crit? Sick… oh wait it does less damage too? Ooooooook… Oh and wait even if this is a little better than iron… i need silver and gold to make alloy for titanium tools? Oooooook so why even bother at all?
I’m 35 yrs old with an open mind absolutely ready to acknowledge my noobness… but is what i said above correct? Another design decision I fon’t understand at all.
If they made silver and gold an actual usable increase from iron then cool. Take away needing silver and gold to make titanium because that is ridiculously stupid UNLESS… again because im new (ps4)… i’m missing something.


Yeah, I actually made some pragmatic doable suggestions on Gold/Silver meta a few weeks ago below. They implemented changes to both the food UI and increased the damage to Gold tools as of this patch. I feel like they do listen…or maybe it’s just coincidence that we were both on the same wavelength.

I logged in earlier but didn’t see an actual increase to base damage for Gold. I’m hoping it’s just a UI error and they actually did increase Gold damage. Silver still needs better uses though


Shims have been a road block for me. I could just buy them but so rare it seems most aren’t selling and when they are selling I actually feel like price is too low actually. When I spend hours on bes looking for blue shrooms only to end up with 20. And highest buyer is 300 each. Yet I can mine instead get more gems that sell 400 each and coal sells decently and iron and gold and silver and titanium I make way way more mining. So what’s deal with farming shims being not worth. Only thing it could be is 1. I don’t know how to farm them right and if so please enlighten me or 2 shop owners don’t yet realize prices for both buying selling needs to be higher on these. Right now i would not bother wasting my time gathering myself. And I went all over bes exploring all blue dots. I deffinetly found them at almost every blue dot but so much travel time to find a couple shrooms?


pls shhh dont speak anymore. the only thing that will happen when players complain is that iron will get nerfed cause too many player using it. and this would be catastrophic for early game in my opinion ;p ;p . Iron is good and good enough. Why would u even want tools made from rare metals? much better to have a infinite stock of cheap ok tools. gold and silver are niche products serving a very specific purpose. for example action speed on a tool gets much more favorable when u only power and damage skilled and vice versa. and if u can break a block with a lower damage tool that if faster, with only 1 hit, same as the higher damage tool, then its better to take the faster one