Shining examples of good flooring, walls, and ceilings?

This technically fits the “Creations” category, as I’m asking for screenshots of builds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not the greatest builder. I don’t do a great job of looking at different colors and types of different blocks and figuring out how to put them together to make them look Nice™.

Currently, for my main base, I’m using refined lustrous wood for the flooring (I think this block is so nice) and black metamorphic brick for the walls and ceiling.

I know there are all sorts of different styles out there, but I’m curious how the average player styles their bases and what sort of blocks look great together for floors, walls, and ceilings.

All screenshots and pointers are appreciated. :smiley:


Usually when I decide to start a project i will set a theme first, for example Medieval House + some magic feeling is my mainly focus now because the roof part is challenging and I want to learn it and improve it.

For color, I always choose the main color base on R / G /B. For example if I want blue, I will try to play the color to match blue, you can try to use most color with similar or close color as your main color, and some part with high contrast color.

For me, there are 3 level of building skills.

  1. square box base build ( Its easy for me, and i don’t feel it look nice base on my personal taste)
  2. build with multi shape combination, and with nice chisel on all the detail
  3. Build a structure naturally. ( I think its the most difficult part, only see 2 players reach this level in this game)

I think i am at level 2, and never can reach the level 3. Because it looks impossible for me at the moment. Those builds are way too beautiful and crazy.

But I think the most important is build a thing you can really enjoy.
For my standard is to create something I can just even walk around and still feel very relaxing.
If I feel i don’t like it one day, I do the upgrade.

*My first base in alpha

*My first base when game release

*My second base in Minorengle

*My third base in Minorengle

*My base 2 month ago’s style (Moved to Sorrisi)

*Recently update to this one :slight_smile:


Here’s a couple of walls I did:

Yup, I’m a Mason


then again i like to overdo it…


The king/queen of bling :boundless::kissing_heart:


Ill run around Axon on Biitula and post later if I remember lol still early here haha

Woah man the graphics of your pc are realistic!


I wasn’t the Greatest Builder once see hideous.

But now Who needs Flooring when grass the way to go I just redid ma Workshop I added too much there’s glow caps all over it look ugly but how it look without those! Just build with whatever pops in your head lol


1st Ill post some older shots…nothing to jump up and down about…but maybe some ideas…
Most of these are simple…but they just seem to “work well” with the builds in my humble opinion…

Later Ill post some of the more modern stuff which is (for me) far more complex…

clean storage in The Palette

an example showing simple building materials on a road path can look good in a forest…

An interesting looking floor (was under construction at the time) in one of the floors of Crusader Square tower.

Floor within an experimental Power production lab…location is secret.

another view of the classified power production lab.

Part of the Axon east west roadway…its a tunnel :wink:

Ice temple in the Starfall Confederacy district of Axon

Inside the current Axon national Workshop…yes this IS Indoors!

simple but elegant design integrating nature (tree etc) from who was a new player at the time DinaDooDoo , a citizen of the nation of Axon

Interior shot of The Great Tree Pavillion in Axon

Interior of the Hazzard County Bank of Axon run by Boss Hog…


These are all really fascinating, and I appreciate all of your help. :slight_smile: It certainly helps me to see different examples of types of builds. Anyone can keep throwing up screenshots at any point, because I love seeing these!

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Some cool blending effects can happen when you use the right colour combinations of gleam lighting with ice/glacier/tangle (and any other blocks that blend into their neighbours).




How did you do the blue ceiling?

@molav This was done with bright azure tangle/ice/glacier and decorative ice. The tangle was a gleambow colour and the ice is solidified water from Lutrion.

I used Azure decorative gleam to light it, so it does lose a lot of that effect at daytime unfortunately.

Using all matching colours is best to achieve the more seamless look a bright and strongly coloured light source will make it pop morr, in the other example I have used hot sepia (I think) tangle and ice with bright orange gleam as the light source.


It looks awesome. Dont think I could replicate it, but wish I could.


Honestly… it’s mostly just placed at random with an element of pattern to it, and then just switch blocks around a bit until you achieve something you like the look of. There is very little method to my madness I assure you!