I know they aren’t as magnificent as some of the amazing creations some people have made but I’m rather fond of them. Making ships has become my new favourite pastime in Oort and I hope to make more soon in my spare time.

This is the first one I ever made, I can’t find the screenshots of the newer one but when I do find them I may add them as well.


Really nice! Everything looks great with blue glowstone :3

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The first time I saw the blue glow stone I totally fell in love with it, the light it gives off is so cool especially under water.

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I have a suggestion for your next creation…


You know I may actually give that a go.

Would it be wrong to have little people drowning in the water?

It would but if you happen across my ship feel free to add them if you wish.

Ok cool, I will make a little Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet struggling for their lives.


Lets build a fleet together!

some examples I did


Oh those are gorgeous, I’d totally be up for building a fleet with you!
I wish I had pics of my newer one, it’s much nicer than this one (quite a bit larger too)

The ship looks great, that’s something I’ve never attempted in any game…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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They’re really fun to make, and since it’s on water you can make them Really big without needing to flatten anything :slight_smile:

Yay @Mittekemuis
When I first saw this post I was hoping you’d your post pics!

You all are an inspiration!

@ShadowFox where are you!? This post seems like it is missing your creations!

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Here is a little inspiration for that build

Continuing the discussion from Ben is actually Illuminati:

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So you want us to build the titanic :smile: That will require a big body of water

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I think the water world (who’s name escapes me at the moment) would fair quite well :slight_smile:

You could always dig out a deeper ocean on Folva and make that work, but Gasan eould be a good choice as well :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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It is fine as long they are tax collectors or something like that. :wink: