Shop Marble & More on Cephonix Merika

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Hey there Oortians.

For all they want Marble for their homes, you very Welcome to my Shop “Marble & More” on Cephonix Merika in the new Mall Phlacid’s Market.

The open Mall you can find by Show Room USE. The Warden is @Earth

My Shop “Marble & More” you cand find in Show Room USE too.

There you can find Marble in many colours (more is coming, and by a message over my Mailbox in the Shop, i try to make your wishes true.

Ore i have too, like compact, refined and machined copper up to titanium.

I am happy to see you there and let me a message how you think about my Shop.

Thank you very much
Your WinniOne (Ingame: Barney-Hunter)