Shop owner? Get connected to Finata's huge shop/mall hub!

We’re expanding the Crypt Hub with a new creepy area, and have 2x2 and 3x4 portal slots available for shops (or hubs) to connect to.

Why us? - We have connections to some great high traffic hubs (Gyoha Mall, Legendville, Fantasy Tree, and others), we also offer random bargains to entice traffic, so why wait?!

If you need custom portal shapes (or even a 1x2!), Just leave a note here and we’ll setup you up ASAP with custom sign colours etc.

You can find us in the above hubs, in Ultima Mall first floor, and in Ultima HQ on Finata (look for the huge black tower with a red top!)

You can also contact us via @Salvatory on Discord, or Craftorious lurking around in the hub itself

Looking forward to working with you all, and always open to crazy ideas and collaborations!


We have added some cheap refined gems on offer in the hub today (along with all the other parts you need to make coils!)

Portals now open in The Crypt, Meteor Meet Sky Hub and Star Store.
RENT A STORE PLACE is now open.
You get the rights to use a plot with 10 sales tables near the middle of Ulima HQ. All you have to do is open one of our portals and keep it open. You can use the tables as long as the portal is open. we expect to stock up the tables at least every 2 weeks. Currently there are 7 plots available. only 1 plot per person.

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You’re missing one that’s for sure! New Leyden Market.

You will want to correct that oversight ASAP :wink:

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Let me know if you need a custom portal for that, and hit me up @Salvatory on discord (I can help with setup costs for that portal)

Where is it going, what planet?

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The hub is on Finata, if you’re looking to connect. PM if you need more detailed information.

The main area is now full, and have a new section - please shout here if you need custom portal sizes, and sign colours!

If you want amazing custom forges, you can find @msa in the Pawn Shop portal in the Crypt. Stunningly cheap!

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Shoot, have a portal ready but am too late I gather?

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Nope, I’ve made a new section (the one with the pyramid in it - pick a spot, and message when it’s open for the shards :slight_smile:

Aren’t you missing Gellis?

Missing a few planets, but am sure they will get covered in time :slight_smile:

Well, I’m on Gellis :wink:

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When the server is back up - grab a portal token! - There’s one space on the top ring, and lots near the pyramid. Just let me know sign text & colours once you’ve opened it :slight_smile:

Please add your in game name/shop name here if you open a portal and miss the refund - I’ll arrange a time to give you the shards when both online!

It´s a 1x2 Portal to Niia Zed Ka payable?

Finata to Niia Zed Ka requires a 1x3 portal.

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The new area only has 2x2 or larger at the moment, and thanks @scrufola - saved me going to look for the distance calculator :slight_smile:

OK. It would be very nice if I could have a portal to my city / shop in the future, which is the most economical. Do not have to be today, not even tomorrow. I am a casual gamer and have time :stuck_out_tongue:

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