Shop owner? - The Crypt has expanded! - Gleam/other baskets!


Hi all,
The crypt recently expanded as spots filled up. We have over 60 portals open to shops, hubs, and decorative builds.

We have a new area for the larger portals called the cave, it’s dark, dank, and has some quick portals to escape quickly back the the crypt!

Grab a token for any available portal, and comment here for shop name colours, or PM @Salvatory in discord for help!

You can find us on Finata, just head to Ultima Guild HQ and look for the huge black tower with ‘Crypt Hub’ on the side!

How much would you sell Gleambow Gleam for?

It’s my favourite hub. It’s an incredibly impressive build. The lighting is so, so good.


Love the Crypt and Salvatory is good people. If Bricka Brack was bigger I might portal but personally I hate filling portals as it is lol. but maybe one day soon. I gotta expand shop up a lvl first. Looks great though Salvatory gratz on the fine job!


Thanks!, and so wish we could have more minimal lighting (like if you chisel a light block, it would lose intensity)


Your shop is already epic :slight_smile:


Added a connection to the Portal Seekers network, you can now get to the Crypt direct from their Finata Gateway!


Thanks My friend and you are the master at creating a great flow of traffic everywhere you go.


How do I get that free 900 Oort?


Let me eat, and i’ll pm you to meet up for them!


what is this? must be the only place to farm strong cherry wood in the universe.


Don’t forget to bring your regen bombs!

We also added something for the new explorers in the city!


Etherian Dreams - The Garden is now accessible from Crypt Hub!

Enjoy a pleasant walk in our garden in the heart of the Etherian Woods to discover and buy all the varieties of grass available in game from 3c for the most commons.

If you are a cook you’ll can find your rice bags and oat bags at affordable prices (20c).

You can then continue your visit in our main store in Gyosha Mall where you will find advanced coils at the best prices (from 1999c to 2299c depending on the model), gems or metal bars (currently on offer iron bars at 6c).

Enjoy your visit!


Amazing build, the grass display is awesome :slight_smile:


I’d like to connect my dzassak shim farm in a 2x2 portal. But I won’t be on till later tonight


Ok, let me know name on portal and colour - I’ll then get the sign fixed as soon as i’m in the hub


Dz shim farm and the color of the name is up to you.


The Crypt is my favourite hub, also. Nothing beats its layout or atmosphere. Job well done.


Ok, portal named up and ready to go! - Looks like a great spot to get shimmering orbs! - Bring your regen bombs, or get them in there!


Might be worth selling some AoE tools in there also :slight_smile:


I don’t forge myself. I get a guild mate to make the bombs for me and pay him for those. I don’t really have the funds to pay for the tools upfront in hopes they sell.