Shop owner? - The Crypt has expanded! - Gleam/other baskets!


Saw someone in there a moment ago :slight_smile: It’s a good spot!


I now have a pulsating orb farm there too :blush: it’s still a work in progress(still made of mostly rock) but you can now break down sponge to grab those orbs. Unfortunately you will have to be in the water to do this but air is but a couple blocks away.


Can you get all your farms in the crypt? Can help with making it into a whole themed area?


I made some minor adjustments to accommodate portals to the crypt. Just need to know where In the crypt to have them go to.


Perhaps make room for the New Leyden Portal Network as well?
Has all T5+ (and Delta) in there and has mines/farm spots in basements of the respective hubs.

Not many people even know, somehow, this exists. One day I will start a PR campaign for it, lol.

Anyhoo, perhaps a portal to the start of the network at New Leyden will suffice, there are also portals there to public gleam mines and more will be added/moved there in future.


There’s a lot of open portals in the crypt if you were just wanting one straight to your main mine/farm hub


Shhht, I’m trying to get a discount here on oort, ok? I feel The Crypt NEEDS this!
I don’t need it tho :wink: :smiley:


Ahh I’m funding all my portals to locations. No one has any portals to my spots. Poor marketing I suppose on my end. Or it’s just faster to do it myself. :man_shrugging:t4:


We can make it larger for sure, and maybe help with some signs to get people aware of the mining network. As suggested, we could also get the mining hub linked in the Crypt also. To tempt you in there… I can make a cool custom section (like the cherry wood farm in the crypt), to make it stand out, and also let people know in various promotions on forums/discord etc


I grabbed the two portals in front of the other one I have.


Okay, we might be doing this later then, tonight or tomorrow!


New addition to the Crypt, and REALLY handy!

T5+ network!

New Leyden Market is closing down!

I’ve just opened up a shop right outside the Crypt! We aim to be constantly stocked so you know where to go when ya need us!

Can find us on the West side of the Crypt, bottom floor:



Very handy! - am in there everyday now :slight_smile:


@ginabean - This is the build I mentioned, they look fantastic outside at the back!


I’ll come by tonight!


Looking to buy all types of gleam and other blocks (anyone have black sand???) - feel free to PM me if you have blocks that are not in the baskets near the pyramid!


I got 1 black sand. Wanna build a sand castle?


It’s such a smooth black colour, I want to try and get enough to make a black/red tree decoration in the crypt (got about 6 black foliage so far!, and one black sand :wink: