Shop owners, do you gather or buy?

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How do the majority of shops operate I wonder ^^

  • Gather everything
  • Gather most things
  • Gather half, buy half
  • Buy most things
  • Buy everything

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I gather everything but I’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to keep my shop stocked while keeping what I need for my personal use :disappointed_relieved:


Buy everything! Even the shops themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


In other words he makes it rain

Personally I do a little bit of both. Gather/ shop until I get bored. I’m constantly jumping but shopping around is a bit too much jumping around.

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Gather everything I sell - I specialize in raw mats from mining and collecting. :slight_smile: On rare occasion though, might sell something I crafted at least partly from something I bought, like glass panes.

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Not sure how to answer.

Stuff I know how to farm / don’t mind farming I get myself. This includes regen bombed mats like rock dirt and grass, as well as limited mining stuff.

Stuff I don’t want to farm, like bones and leaves and blood and oort, I buy.

Basically anything hunting related I buy, because hunting is the worst. I also buy most harvestable stuff since harvesting is the second worst. Everything else I try to farm myself.


I’ll just 2nd DKPuncher again. I farm the things I don’t mind farming, I buy the things I don’t like farming.

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Honestly it’s not a matter of what I mind farming so much as a matter of what’s unbalanced in the game.

Anything where you can use a 3x3 and speed brew is OP. Anything where you can’t do this is massively underwhelming in comparison.

I can mine for one hour and then turn around and sell those gems as coils and buy three hours worth of harvesting stuff. Plus you get mad XP mining and almost zero XP gathering.

I actually like harvesting, but it’s massively underpowered in a way that feels unfair.

To be clear, I’m not asking for a mining nerf, I’m asking for a harvesting and hunting buff.

I should be choosing my activities based on what I want to do (I rather like gathering), not based on poor game balance (IMO; I’m sure others will disagree)

I’d also love it if I got XP for doing mall management somehow, but I understand why editing signs doesn’t give XP lol.

I do still think portals should give you XP as they consume oort, using the same mechanic as furnaces.

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That sounds like it’s somewhere in between then, gather some, buy some :slight_smile:

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Yup that’s what I picked

What’s the survey for? Just curious

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Nothing serious, just interested in seeing how people supply their shops. I think the two extreme ways of doing it (gathering vs buying) are very different even though they’re both called shopkeeping, that sometimes makes conversations interesting when people are essentially talking about two different things without realising it :smiley:


I agree, I definitely meet people across the spectrum.

Pretty sure yours is the only “buy basket only” shop in my mall, actually. Haha

Do you mostly buy @Mayumichi? Or mostly farm


Mostly buy, some stuff I farm if it’s easy enough and I have time, like trunk.


I’m running very small shops when I run one. Before I was exclusively gathering and crafting. Now, since I do fuel farming (as in having combustion/kindling farms) I’m really producing my goods. I’ll buy some ingredients if I need them to craft something and I’m not in mood for gathering or it’s tedious or they require high level gear/skill I don’t have.

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As far as the dichotomy goes, I gather/farm/mine everything myself

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