Shop prices are ridiculous!

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Psh I still love running around for hours trying to find the cheapest and also the best request baskets.


The first t6 hammers I bought were 20k+ (And it was a cross)Now even t6 aoe 3x3 cost 14-17. First pies I bought were 1.5-2k now I sell them for 650 because of New Leyden Market lol. The market is coming down on things. But if you don’t want to grind gems and forge your own than you have to pay 10k+ per tool


And to think the people at Portal Seekers believe that people prefer single shops all with their own portal at their hubs and that they do not like malls and markets at all! Their rules are silly in that case, “shop needs to be within 12 blocks of portal” is the main silly one and doesn’t really work in these instances.


We also sell forged tools and weapons for less than 14k at 3 different shops at New Leyden :wink:


From my prospective, I see Portal Seekers existing moreso for the convince of having a network leading to all the planets, as opposed to a shopping network. I cant speak for others, but I see the shop portals more as a side benefit than as the main attraction.


I stay away from ps as much as possible which is pretty easily done lol




True, but it would be nice if they loosened up a bit on the rules when it’s a mall/market. They did say at one time they were thinking of adding separate mall/market portals, haven’t seen them yet tho…


As one of the portal masters from PS myself, its definitely something were looking into adding.

As it stands we’ve started allowing malls to have 2x2 portals in a few of our hubs, such as Gyrosha Mall and Etherian Market in the Gyrosha hub, and Legendville Mall in Biitula, among others.

I too want to see a special location for malls, or at the very least, a way to distinguish them from other shops, such as different colored signs.


There’s also a portal at Lamblis PS going to New Leyden Market :wink:


I usually find good prices at Gyosha Mall (bought a few adv coils yesterday, and misc items) :sunglasses: You can also find pretty much anything you want there! :grin:


Most of my forged tools and gear are also below 14 :grin:


Since seeing them in some shops for 1k coins and higher, some as much as 3k, I go your prices would be cheap and if you added a few more coins I don’t think they would be too much, depending on how much you added to the price.
What I will make of those expensive pies will be for me and my son and for the guild. And the trading I do for what I can’t get on my own.


Can’t speak for others but mine are probably high because I can’t be arsed updating prices every time the market moves. Or at all of late, but I would imagine you might be looking at stocked but not constantly managed shops.


theres a forge in little japan selling tools and weapons with quirks at ridiculous prices.

By "ridiculous’ i mean, this guy is giving away a lot of mildly quirked and minus damage stuff at very near to what i would consider cost to produce.

Maybe less than i could produce it. Bought some unforged topaz tools and slingbows for 1k coin each, I bought a couple times 10 - 12 of each tool he restocks.

Nice loot magnets 750c. Copper changers 250c. Titanium slingbow with +damage and +21m range and slo-mo quirk (ouch) but 2200c.

Market row in little japan. Not mine and I never met the owner, but I’ve spent something like 80k there in a week. Diamond 3x3 hammer with a little +dmg and bouncy feet for 7900c? My tunnel can have bumps lol.

They’re out there. That food shop in New Leyden has got me trying higher end foods as well.

People mention that a lot of shops are old, but another thing happens here too, which is people set up small “shops” because it helps over come storage issues with certain commodities, and also many useful hubs require you to have a shop to open a portal. This means that if you’re not willing to look a little deeper, the whole portal networks are cluttered with “Shops” that are disguises. I’m about to have to make one I’m tired of it.

So a very large number of the shops you see at portals are underpriced baskets (they don’t actually want your stuff but since we have to put out baskets they’ll take it at garbage prices when people are desperate) and overpriced stands (these items are not really for sale it’s storage but again, if you’re desperate they’ll take your money). Many ‘shops’ attached to portal seekers are a few baskets, enough that they won’t complain about someone “disguising” a small personal, or local hub. This is what I’m about to do.

I’ve noticed a new thing which is stuffiing request baskets. Putting up a good price and a basket that won’t buy anything. Though TBH this could be crafty sellers locking up a "good’ basket such that for the most part, only they can sell to it .

There’s plenty of shenanigans lol. Now everybody and their cousin has a “coin convertor”.


I’m guessing that this post is from a new player. From a new player perspective, everything is completely unaffordable. Primarily because the earliest accessible ways to get coin are selling meteor loot and having a beacon in a highly trafficked location.

It takes a long time to level up a character enough to be able to traverse T6 terrain to go on a T6 hunt. (That’s if the player even knows the hunts exist – most probably don’t.) Getting footfall coin is purely based on location, and all the high footfall locations are taken.

New players can’t reasonably earn money from selling things either, because experienced players can gather and produce items orders of magnitude more efficiently.

So I think most new players see shop prices, look at their fixed amount of 20k-ish coin from objectives, and have a similar reaction as OP.


Sorry, this became quite long. :sweat_smile:

To be honest, I’m level 82 or 83 and I rarely find myself with more than 20k at any time. The biggest amount I’ve had on me was about 48k. At my shop, some times things would sell very well and other times things wouldn’t sell at all; what I got from footfall from my shop was OK if I saved it up over a few collections but my income has varied a lot, in a non-predictable manner (and I’m sure many feel the same way about income prediction).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve probably spent a lot of coin by now, but almost all of that coin spent was in AoE tools, proportionally speaking – often I thought about buying bricks or furnaces or coils, but then I have just ended up preferring to buy the end-game tools and gather everything myself to make stuff for my building or whatever. The only other thing I’ve spent a considerable amount of coin on have been brews and buff foods, mostly XP and durability foods.

Often the choice is between time vs convenience with coin. And I tend to prefer to spend time over convenience. That is why I buy the things I buy and make the rest.

I have recently closed my shop and am going to be moving it to a different plot in the same area, but with the incoming change of daily footfall, we may see a decrease in value of coin anyway. So even if I do get money from footfall again, there is no guarantee I’ll have any more purchasing power. On the bright side, I’ll probably feel like I can warp to places more often from having more frequent footfall.

And I haven’t used request baskets because I wouldn’t feel it was fair to pay next to nothing for things I wanted, and because I wouldn’t have had the coin to pay the prices I thought were fair for those items. I probably wasn’t going to be selling the products I’d be making, so I wouldn’t really be able to keep that up.

If I was particularly dedicated I could make a decent amount of coin from making alts from scratch and doing easy objectives and then deleting them, but I don’t actually feel it’s worth the effort vs actually playing the game doing what I like (usually building).

Oh and finally, the things I ever sold most were Iron tools and loose coal, which I underpriced on purpose, at about 50-60% of average market prices, simply because I didn’t care that much about the margin and simply wanted them sold.

You are correct though, when I started playing again a few months ago, that was how I felt; the same as the OP.


I am a new player too, I found it really hard to manage my coin before to buy what I need but I figured out a niche product thats easy to gather, I sold to request baskets for a couple of days before I opened my shop in New Leyden. Once you figure out what is easy and profitable buying gear and machines becomes much easier. I hardly craft anything myself and spend a lot more time exploring worlds!


I will eat my own damn pie before I sell it under 600c (teaching persisting)


Never sample the goods @Conkuur lol